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BBHS was founded as a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization for the purpose of collecting and preserving local historical data and artifacts for the education and enjoyment of present and future generations.

Sunday July 19, 2020

Virtual Porch Tour & Story Hour

Family and friends congregating on their own front porches during our virtual Porch Tour and Story Hour were initiated as founding members of BB Local 2020 of the Professional Porch Sitters Union. To recognize this significant event in the history of Bradley Beach, BBHS has produced a colorful PPSU mug that is sure to become a favorite for Sunday coffee or late night cups of tea enjoyed on the porch for many years to come.


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Bradley beach Historical Society -PPSU

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BBHS Events

Congregating on The Front Porch

Congregating on The Front Porch

Family and friends congregated on their own front porches on Sunday, July 19, 2020 to participate in BBHS’ virtual Porch Tour and Story Hour.


Important Update

In light of recent developments regarding the Coronavirus, the Bradley Beach Historical Society has postponed all events including the Salute to The Bradley Beach Police Department scheduled to open on March 24, 2020. The Bradley Beach Historical Museum will also be closed to the public until further notice.

Bradley Beach, NJ

Celebrating the heritage of Bradley Beach by keeping its history a part of daily life.

Welcome to the Bradley Beach Historical Society (BBHS) web site. Here you can find out about events (past and future) as well as exhibitions hosted at our Museum, which is located in the Carmen Biase Center, 719 Main Street next to Borough Hall. If you want to learn fascinating facts about our coastal town, you will be able to search through our collection as our online archives expand.

Our Story

Captain Kidd’s Treasure

The earliest accounts of Bradley Beach can be traced back to 1679 when it is said that Captain William Kidd anchored his vessel off Duck Creek, now known as Sylvan Lake. By 1927, Bradley Beach had become a popular resort town.


Learn about the history of Bradley Beach, how it got its name and how the BBHS is collecting and preserving local historical data and artifacts for future generations.


See what’s happening in and around Bradley Beach and add our events to your calendar. View photos and reviews of our past events.

Love Stories

“Under the Boardwalk,
Over the Moon”

The history of Bradley is full of sweet, salty, and sentimental stories of young love.


See a visual history of New Jersey shore images; from vintage postcards to current day photos.


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Join BBHS to ensure that all our cherished stories and those of early day-trippers, weekenders and seasonal residents are passed on to future generations.


BBHS Memorabilia
If you love Bradley Beach, you will want to add some of these fine items to your collection!

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Bradley Love Stories

Lou & Sherry’s Love Story

Lou & Sherry’s Love Story

Lou and I spent days sunbathing on the Brinley Avenue beach that was packed with teens. We would sing along with friends playing guitars or listen to a transistor radio.

A Love Story – Twice

A Love Story – Twice

We realized that we could always get to the city if we had to but it would be difficult to sell our Bradley Beach house full of memories and try to rent every summer. So here we are.

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