Congregating on The Front Porch, BBHS’ annual summer event held on July 19th, celebrated oral story-telling, which has a long history of transmitting traditions, culture, rituals and customs from generation to generation. Via Zoom, Bradley lovers shared stories of how the front porch has served as the “original Neighborhood Watch,” promoted romance and fostered instant communication among neighbors.

According to the Porch Sitters Union, the porch is a magical place where you are transported to a better state of mind and memories are born. Membership is open to everyone who enjoys sitting and shooting the breeze. There are no rules, no dues and no minutes.

BBHS has collected photos of many Bradley porches with details of the house, including age and ownership. During the virtual Porch Tour, guests dropping by to sit awhile were encouraged to share rules from their porch as well as examples of their favorite porch signs.