Sponsor A Favorite Old Photo of Bradley on The Boardwalk Next Summer

BBHS is accepting submissions of historic photographs to be enlarged and added to the collection of prints on display along the Boardwalk all summer.

Option #1: Submit a photograph from your own collection.
Option #2: Choose an image from the BBHS Archives. Contact Paul Neshamkin to make an appointment: 201-993-9480.
Cost: $150 per image (member); $175 per image (non-member)

Submission Process:
1. Submit high quality photograph/high resolution scan of individual entry
• Name of sponsor; email and telephone contact
• Brief description of image
• Exact wording of caption excluding name of Sponsor (10 word limit)
2. All images will be reviewed by a Selection Committee prior to acceptance.
3. Notification of acceptance within two weeks of submission.
4. Full payment due upon acceptance.

Send images to Paul Neshamkin: pauln@bbhistory.org

Download submission form here