Family and friends congregated on their own front porches on Sunday, July 19, 2020 to participate in BBHS’ virtual Porch Tour and Story Hour. The first order of business was to launch BB Local 2020 of the Professional Porch Sitters Union, whose membership is open to everyone who enjoys sitting and shooting the breeze.

Front porches, where public life meets private, have played a significant role in building and sustaining community. This informal space that transitions life from inside to out has been used for sleeping, eating, relaxing and watching the world go by. After WWII, its favored status was diminished by increased auto pollution, air conditioning, indoor entertainment, especially television and a growing preference for patios, decks and back yards. A slide show gave guests a look at a variety of neighborhood porches, and homeowners shared house histories as well as stories of happy times, past and present, on the porch.

In celebration of Bradley Beach Local 2020 of the Professional Porch Sitters Union, BBHS is offering a colorful mug that is sure to become a treasured shore classic. Buy yours here.