Lifeguard Meets Student Nurse

Mar 4, 2019 | Love Stories

Bob was working as a summer lifeguard in Bradley Beach. He was lifting a lifeguard boat and developed a hernia. He decided to get the hernia repaired in September of 1973. I was in my second year of nursing school at Jersey Shore Medical Center’s school of nursing ” Ann May”. I was given an assignment to care for a hernia patient after his surgery. The patient was Bob Rosenberg!

After three days of caring for Bob, I visited him in the evening and he asked for my phone number. We started dating one week later. We became engaged six months later and married one year after that. We stayed in Bradley Beach, both of us finished college. Bob continued lifeguarding each summer and teaching each fall. I worked as a nurse year round. We had two children who grew up here in Bradley Beach. I went back to school for my bachelor of science in nursing, then a school nursing certificate. I was a school nurse for 25 years. Bob taught for 35 years and we are now both retired. We enjoy babysitting our grandchildren, travel, and getting together with friends. Bob is an assistant Lifeguard Supervisor in the summer and I work as a gate guard part-time in the summer. We’ve been married 42 years and have lived in Bradley Beach the entire time!

Teresa Rosenberg