Under The Boardwalk, Over The Moon
Love Stories From Bradley Beach

Sunday, November 17 1-4pm
Bradley Beach Historical Museum
Carmen A. Biase Center, 719 Main Street, Bradley Beach

Do you have a love story to share? First love? Passing fancy? Love of your life?

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The Bradley Beach Historical Society is collecting stories of love that ignited somewhere, sometime in the Boro – whether on a porch, on the sand, downstairs at the LaReine or on the Boardwalk in front of Mike and Lou’s. Unlock your memory bank and let the stories flow.
Come to the Bradley Beach Historical Museum on Nov. 17 to tell your love story in 3 minutes or less. Time slot will be assigned upon receipt of registration.

Bradley Love Oral History Guidelines
• Prepare 3-minute story for presentation on Sunday, November 17.
• Include the following essential details:
Your Name: at time described; now if different
Timeframe: Example: Summer 1967; rainy Saturday afternoon 1952
Setting: Brinley Avenue beach, Bradley Beach Elementary School; Summer Share
Details: of first sighting, meeting, date, etc.
Outcome: marriage; summer romance; first love; broken heart; enduring partnership
• Provide photographs – then and now. Label all photographs so we can scan and return. Caption each photo to identify time, place and people.
• Submit short written history (no more than 500 words) for publication on website.

Register below to share your love story in person on November 17.
Compose or copy and paste your written story (500 words or less) in the space provided in the form.
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