Skipp & Cindy

Feb 25, 2019 | Love Stories

It was 1965. Her name was Cindy. Her family lived next door. They were always down from Memorial Day until Labor Day. She was my first girlfriend, my first bud. We built forts in the backyard, went to the beach, dances, the LeReine Avenue Pavilion, got ice cream many times and went to Mike & Lou’s.

One day it was rainy and we made a fort out of some heavy tarp. We threw it over the clothesline and made a small hideaway with a few two by fours. It started to rain and we went inside, close to each other. The next thing I knew, Cindy kissed me and I was in love. We were eight years old. After that summer, Cindy’s parents sold the house.

Re-printed with permission from Bradley Beach Treasures: Reflections of the Jersey Shore