Howard Wasserman’s family moved to Bradley Beach in 1953. He attended Bradley Beach Grammar School and Asbury Park High School. When Howard was only 10, he met Billy Rubin and Allan Brown, who quickly became best friends and considered each other family. At that time, Allan’s little sister, Wendy, was only 6.

Wendy recalls that when her brother, Allan, was supposed to be watching her, he would drop her off at Howard’s house where his grandmother would give her cookies and let her play with their dog. Years later,
Wendy was grateful to have known her future in-laws for almost her entire life.

After graduating Fairleigh Dickinson, Allan enlisted in the Army and was subsequently deployed to Viet Nam. Howard was stationed at McGuire Air Force Base at the time and frequently visited Allan’s parents, who still lived on Second Avenue in Bradley Beach. Wendy was enrolled at Paterson State, and came home on weekends to support her parents during that stressful time when Allan was in Viet Nam. Thankfully, he made it back to New Jersey uninjured and was honorably discharged.

It wasn’t until 1967, fourteen years after they met, that Howard and Wendy began dating. They fell in love and two years later, they got married in August of 1969 at the Berkeley Carteret in Asbury Park.

On August 17, 2023, they are celebrating their 54th wedding anniversary.

Congratulations to Wendy and Howard Wasserman and lots of love from Bradley Beach!